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Poo-Pourri Just Dropped the Craziest Music Video About Pooping Away From Home


Poo-Pourri brings the big guns in its holiday campaign this year, having just dropped a perfectly cringeworthy music video—from "Uptown Funk" video director Cameron Duddy—about doing your business away from home without causing a stink.

The odor-eliminating toilet spray has been making viral ads for a couple of years, and this one should do quite well, too. (The holidays are Poo-Pourri's biggest sales period of the year—either because people spend a lot of time eating rich foods away from home, or they like buying gag gifts for other people. Probably both.)

The same posh British spokeswoman from the brand's first big hit shows up here, as she bookends a Glee-like series of inspired song-and-dance routines (choreographed by Sara Von Gillern) all about carrying Poo-Pourri wherever you go, so you can go without embarrassing yourself.

Just try to keep up with the all euphemisms for defecating.

"Our CEO and founder Suzy Batiz was actually a pioneer in converting viral views to actual sales, and we continue to push the boundaries in this space—not only delivering sales but building the brand and shaping pop culture. I expect this new video will be no exception," Will Clarke, whose title is given as "vp of poo marketing," said in a statement.

Vision and Concept: Suzy Batiz, founder and CEO
Director: Cameron Duddy
Writer: Nicole Story
Song and Lyrics: Jeff Lewis and Poo-Pourri Creative Team led by Nicole Story
Composer: Chris Sernel
Choreography: Sara VonGillern
Vice President, Creative Director: Nicole Story
Director of Photography: Tom Banks
Story and Design: Hector Batiz, Will Clarke, Kirsten Gold
Art Directors: Lindsey Juckem, Paola Cortez
Wardrobe: Kirsten Gold, Gay Horman, Annie Cox
Editor: Adam Henderson
Broadcast Producer: Peggy Moore
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts

Tea Potty: Bethany Woodruff, Kasey Cosgrove, Vicki McCarty
Relationship Verse: Ryan Warren, Lauren Williams, Michael Sylvester, Ika Chigogidze, Oscar Seung, Tori Leigh Smith, Jordan Johnson, Michelle Keys
Office Verse: Alexis Smith, Donna Arrogante, Tyree Holmes, Tori Leigh Smith, Oscar Seung
Confident Verse: Sara VonGillern, Aaron Nedrick, Pierce Bailey
Poo-dini: C.J. Vaughn

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