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Jeff Goldblum Shows You Exactly How to Act When You Get a Crappy Christmas Gift


Some of us have better poker faces than others when it comes to reacting to disappointing holiday gifts. The Brits, despite their stiff-upper-lip reputation, appear to need some help in this department, too.

Jeff Goldblum to the rescue!

U.K. electronics retailer Currys PC World has tapped the movie star and now-famous commercial pitchman for its first-ever Christmas campaign, dubbed "Spare the Act." Goldblum, charging into family gatherings at the most awkward times, imparts some of his thespian know-how on the obviously deflated giftee. The goal is to shield loved ones from realizing they gave a total crap present. Just pretend it's something else, Goldblum advises, like a Nespresso machine instead of foot talc or a laptop and not a jigsaw puzzle.

The theme harkens a bit back to Harvey Nichols' award-winning "Sorry, I Spent It on Myself" ads from a few years ago, in which people got shafted because the gift giver played Santa to him or herself. Currys, via ad agency AMV BBDO and O Positive director David Shane, takes it a step further into how to rectify such sorry presents as cremated turkey dinners and novelty coffee mugs.

"The very real truth at Christmas is that most of us receive rubbish presents," and suffer in silence, say the executive creative directors at AMV BBDO, so it's time to nip this vicious cycle in the bud. There are five ads, with several launching on TV in the U.K. this weekend during highly rated shows like Downton Abbey and The X Factor. There's also in-theater, on demand, radio, print, social and digital advertising, with an assist from agencies Blue 449, 1000heads and M&C Saatchi PR.

Goldblum, for his part, is on a roll as a brand spokesman, having logged memorable campaigns of late for GE and Apartments.com. This latest work, unlike a clueless Secret Santa, does not underwhelm.

Client: Currys PC World
Project: Spare the Act
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Director: Alex Grieve & Adrian Rossi
Copywriter: Mike Sutherland
Art Director: Antony Nelson
Agency Planner: David Edwards, Tom Claridge, Sarah Sternberg, Rob Sellars
Agency Account Man: Chris Taggart, Kate Taylor Tett, Anne Benveniste, Talya Baker
Agency Producer: Anita Sasdy
Media Agency: Blue 449
Media Planner: Lindsay Payne, Charlotte Dabbs, Lizzie Andrew, Freya Broaders
Production Company: O Positive
Director: David Shane
Prod Co. EP, Prod Co. Producer: Ralph Laucella (EP), Nell Jordan (producer)
Postproduction Company: The Mill
Audio Postproduction: Wave

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