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Ad of the Day: This Yogurt Ad Touches a Nerve, but Do Moms Love It or Hate It?


Moms are a huge, powerful consumer target, and Müller Yogurt USA's newest spot, "Sanity Is Served," is targeted directly at them. But it seems to be leaving them divided.

In the ad, directed by Society's Rachel Goldenberg, we see actress Allyn Rachel play a mom who suffers through a series of frustrating events—kids running around the kitchen, a ruined blouse, the thwap-thwap-thwap of a child kicking a seat, a science project on a paint-splattered couch. She copes just fine, by cracking open a pack of yogurt.

Rachel deadpans, "This is me not starting happy hour the second they get on the bus. … This is me not dropping the kids off on a little place called 'the side of the road.' … This is me not telling Skylar that he was an accident."

The "Escape with this product for a break" schtick is a common one for brands. But this one, sort of a modern-day "Calgon, take me away," feels a little like it's pandering—similar to those pastel pink graphics on Pinterest that refer to wine as "mommy juice." Though I do claim solidarity with any mom who has mourned the loss of a throw pillow at the hands of a toddler with a marker.

I personally would prefer—and I'm sure this seems formulaic—some nod to this stressed-out mom at least liking her kids, not just trying to self-medicate so she doesn't murder them.

It's notable that the spot is getting mixed reactions on Facebook—everything from "So funny! I feel her frustration" to "This is encouraging stress eating.. And 'an accident'? What a message to send to your audience."

Smartly, though, Müller is responding to a lot of the positive comments on Facebook, which has the effect of burying the scathing ones.

Client: Müller
Director of Marketing: Brian Hannigan
Senior Marketing Manager: Katie Corsentino

Production Company: Society
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Executive Producer: Harry Calbom
Head of Production: Rebecca Parenteau
Production Supervisor: Ashley Holloway
Assistant Coordinator: Sarah A. Miller
Consultant: Esther Johnson
Director of Photography: Andrew Davis
1st Assistant Camera: Nito Serna
Production Designer: Celine Diano
Set Dresser: Aimee Athnos
Gaffer: Nikolas Smith
Key Grip: Rob Exner
Sound: Chris Powell
Key Costumer: Jane Johnston
Hair / Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Food Stylist: Eugene Jho

Editorial Company: The Academy
Editor: Josh Snyder

Editorial Company: Milkhaus
Editor / Colorist: Dave Krahling
Composite Artist: James Durée

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