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Ford Is Using Instagram Perfectly for These 'Don't Like and Drive' Posts


There are many PSA campaigns out there warning people not to use cellphones while driving, but few are as wonderfully simple as this one—Blue Hive Brazil and Team Detroit's Instagram posts for Ford Motor Co.

The posts—the most recent one went up on Ford's global Instagram page last weekend—show photos taken from a driver's point of view, with the familiar Instagram heart covering up vulnerable pedestrians on the street. "Go further responsibly. Please don't like and drive."

The campaign is almost perfect—a great concept that can target the user right at the crucial moment; memorable visuals; a nice use of the medium's imagery; and a strong copy line.

"We want to jump in the social conversation about the risks of using cellphones while driving," Blue Hive executive creative director Vico Benevides tells Adweek. "The icon of a heart hiding the people in the streets seems to be the perfect image to deliver the message. Simple and powerful."

More images and credits below.

Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Blue Hive Brasil / Team Detroit
Global Creative Director: Toby Barlow
Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Strozenberg, Arnaldo Boico
Copywriter: Alexandre Giampaoli
Art Director: Chico Medeiros
Photographer: Regis Fernandez
Social Publisher: Lauren Kelley
Social Strategy: Ryan Belanger
Publishing Manager: Jennifer Wright

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