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A Dirty Old Man Gets the Perfect Gift in Pornhub's Weird, Uncomfortable Christmas Ad


Pornhub is the latest advertiser to feature a sad old man in its Christmas commercial—an oddly common theme this year. But instead of getting a telescope or faking his own death, what bring a smile to this old geezer's face is—spoiler alert—free pornography.

The spot, by Madrid agency Officer & Gentleman, pushes the provocative comedy as far as it can by making it a family scenario. Grandpa is sitting around glumly on the couch, wasting time with his loved ones when he could be watching strangers getting it on. Luckily, one of his family members recognizes his melancholy, and has the perfect solution.

"This Christmas, give the most touching gift," says the merrily juvenile tagline.

With Pornhub Premium (available to all gift givers at pornhubpremium.com/gift), Grandpa will enjoy ad-free content, faster playback and streaming in "crisp 1080p resolution." The base price of a Pornhub Premium gift card is $9.99 for a one month membership.

Advertiser: Pornhub
Client: Corey Price
Product: Pornhub Premium
Campaign: "The Most Touching Gift"

Agency: Officer & Gentleman, Madrid
Chief Creative Officer: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño
Chief Creative Gentleman: Alex Katz
Client Service Director: Harry Francis

Production Company: The Monday Project Co.
Director: Uri Segarra
Executive Producer: Alex Rayo
Director of Photography: Albert Pasqual

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