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Coke Filmed 6 Great Surprise Moments in Real People's Lives for Its Emotional Holiday Ad


If a guy proposes to you using a personalized Coke bottle, you might want to take a little time before giving him your answer. Yet the woman in Coca-Cola's new holiday ad doesn't seem to mind. (After getting a bottle with "Husband" written on it, does she mutter "Finally!"? Maybe that explains her lack of resistance.)

Coke filmed six such surprise moments for the new spot, by ad agency David—they are "completely unscripted," the brands says, and seem like genuine surprises, though Coke has obviously staged these moments to a degree. They include a surprise announcement, an unexpected homecoming and a meeting between a man and his birth father—emotional stuff, for sure, even if it feels a bit like Coke is somewhat cynically ticking off particular boxes.

Personalized bottles play a role in every story, and are innocuous enough. Obviously Coke bottles don't play this kind of role in real life (well, except for pregnancy announcements), but as a way to integrate the product, it's fine.

The biggest takeaway is that Coke is going with real moments, instead of something scripted and crafted within an inch of its life—not a new approach for the brand, but one that does resonate at the holidays, when displays of actual heartfelt love are never a bad idea. 

Client: Coca-Cola

Agency: David
Chief Creative Officer, Founder: Anselmo Ramos
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Tony Kalathara
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Russell Dodson
Art Director: Ricardo Casal
Copywriter: Juan Pena
Global Head of Production: Veronica Beach     
Senior Producer: Marla Ulrich
Managing Director: Paulo Fogaca
Account Supervisors: Juan Nunez, Natalia Rakowitsch
Account Director: Carlos Rangel
Business Affairs Manager: Ann Marie Turbitt

Production Company: Uber Content
Director: Paul Iannacchino
Director of Photography: Sam Levy
Executive Producer: Steve Wi
Producer: Kellie Abraham
Production Manager: Christopher Howard
Casting Agent: Tiffany Persons     

Telecine Place/Date: The Mill
With Whom: Fergus Mccall
Online Place/Date: Jogger
With Whom: Rich Rama
Record Mix Place/Date: Bang
With Whom: Paul Vītoliņš

Editing Company: Cut & Run
Editing Contact: Carr Schilling
Post Producer: Remy Foxx
Editor: Lucas Eskin

Music company: Bang
AFM #: Local 802
Composer, Arranger: Brian D. Jones
Executive Producers: Lyle Greenfield, Brad Stratton

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