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KitKat Posted the Perfect Tweet in Response to One Direction Taking a Break


One Direction is going on hiatus beginning in March, and they apparently can't wait.

Because this is Super-Bowl-blackout-level news, just waiting in the wings for an Oreo to own it, KitKat seized the day: Working with J. Walter Thompson, it posted a tweet that uses the 1D news to build on its longtime "Have a break" slogan: 

It's an opportunist's wet dream: With help from a retweet by 1D's Liam, the post generated over 60,000 retweets and 80,000 likes in less than 24 hours, not to mention a bevvy of replies from mourning fans, many of whom are begging the brand (and the band, because why not?) to put the customized packages from the tweet into production:

No word on whether Nestlé plans to pull a flagrant Coca-Cola and turn this low-hanging fruit into reality, but one thing's for sure: They hit fans where it hurt, and unlocked a super-social market that's hankering to tide their break from One Direction over with some snap-off chocolate therapy. (Somebody definitely needs to send a pack to Noel Gallagher.)

In other recent efforts to penetrate the zeitgeist, KitKat tried petitioning the Unicode Consortium to create a snapping Kit-Kat emoji. Unlike Taco Bell (but just like Durex), it has so far failed—which is great news from those of us who could use a break from brand creep. 

Client: KitKat
Agency: Team Iconic at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide
Global Creative Director: Marcus Woolcott
Creative Director: Barry Christie
Global Business Director: Stephanos Kilmathianos
Social Media Executive: James Treen
Designer: Melissa Wong
Senior Account Manager: Kat O'Donnell
Planning Director: Orlando Hooper-Greenhill, Joao Caputi

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