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Ad of the Day: A Real-Life Stuntman Really Soars in This Riotous Spot for a Travel Site


Finally, a stuntman gets the lead role.

Meet Jacob Tomuri, the star of this minute-long spot for travel-search site Cheapflights, the brand's first work from agency Forever Beta. Actually, you've seen him before—in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He's got a gig in the upcoming The Revenant, too.

Still, you might not recognize his face.

As a seasoned stunt performer, he stands in for big-name actors like Tom Hardy, who kick back in their trailers with brie and groupies (we presume) while Tomuri risks life and limb performing in high-voltage scenes.

In "Flying Stuntman," however, Tomuri takes his turn in the spotlight. He even narrates in a gravely New Zealand accent befitting his macho profession.

"For my job," he begins, "I fly everywhere."

And then he does just that—leaping, tumbling and fighting his way through a series of cheeky, adrenalized action-film-style sequences with the explosions and the shattering glass and the diving off skyscrapers. All footage was created specifically for the commercial, and Tomuri helped devise the stunts.

"The shoot went brilliantly, and took place in Kiev, Ukraine," Matt Saunby, executive creative director at Forever Beta, tells Adweek. "It's actually a great country to film in, with lots of unique locations like the amazing boat yard, where our stuntman jumps to grab the hook. It was fascinating to see the stunt coordinator and Jacob practicing all the different scenes."

The spot is a fun ride, though the noisy setup seems like a bit of a stretch for the brand. Still, director Tom McCarthy of Stink keeps things moving at an appropriately frantic pace, and the approach is certainly compelling for the category.

"Traveling the world," Tomuri says at the ad's conclusion, "I make the movie stars look good. Unlike those guys, I make my own way there, searching smart for the best flights. With millions to choose from, my journey always starts with just one word."

That word, of course, is "Cheapflights," which, come to think of it, is actually two words mashed together.

Considering how Tomuri "flies" in the commercial, just taking a plane—any plane, at any price—probably comes as a relief.

Client: Cheapflights
Agency: Forever Beta
Director: Keith McCarthy
Production Company: Stink

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