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Humans Celebrate Arrival of McDonald's Chicken Asteroid From Outer Space


Whatever propaganda McDonald's Canada is spewing about the origins of the chain's food, McDonald's U.K. knows the real truth—it's cooked up on another planet and hurled Earthward, where humans embrace it with otherworldly fervor. At least, that's the story line in this wonderfully illustrated spot from Leo Burnett in London (and Blink directing duo Major Briggs) for new Chicken McBites, in which a McBite asteroid lands on Earth and is feted by the townspeople of a lucky burg.

Blink explains: "The spot tells the deliciously dramatic story of a crispy bite of chicken that crash-lands in a blue ballpoint world and becomes the next big thing, much to the delight of its citizens. … Major Briggs have taken the average person's napkin doodle up a few notches, adding a dash of whimsy and a mighty plot to make an intricately drawn universe that is brimming with clever details."

A timely spot it is, too. The menacing asteroid Apophis, some 886 feet across, is doing a flyby of Earth today. Apophis won't hit our planet this year, but scientists haven't ruled out a possible civilization-ending impact from it a few decades hence. If only it were made of chicken.

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