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Budweiser Posts 'Apology Cakes' on Imgur for Super Bowl Night's Designated Drivers


Budweiser took its "Give a Damn" fight against drunk driving to Imgur on Monday with a fun promoted post in which it posted "apology cakes" for designated drivers—adorned with messages from badly behaved Super Bowl partiers.

The message of the millennial-targeted effort: Send a tasty cake as a thank you to the designated driver who took you home safely after the Super Bowl.

"We think it's super important to 'localize' advertising for the audience, not just the platform," Steve Patrizi, vp of marketing at Imgur, tells Adweek. "The Internet is like a collection of countries, each with their own cultural norms. Just like you wouldn't take your U.S. marketing message and use it in Asia without considering the cultural differences, you shouldn't do that online either. Budweiser is an excellent example of a brand that is succeeding at localizing for the audience, and it has made a positive impact in how they're perceived and received by Imgur's millennials."

VaynerMedia and Imgur's in-house creative team created the campaign together. One of the cakes even included a reference to Sarah Schaaf, Imgur's director of community often described as the "queen of Imgur."

Imgur says its users are predominately men 18-34. The image sharing community has over 150 million monthly active users. Citing comScore, Imgur says it is the No. 1 destination for millennial men on the Internet—over Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. The average view time of a promoted posts there is 25 seconds—close to a 30-second TV spot.

Budweiser's "Give a Damn" campaign included the Helen Mirren ad on the Super Bowl.

See the full Imgur promoted post below. 

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