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Still Looking for a Presidential Candidate Who's Truly Likable? Meet Zoe


The presidential race sure could use a dose of cute. And here she is. 

Zoe is running for the nation's highest office. Or she might be—in 2064. And she is the star of Droga5's new ads for the Y, which communicate that all kids can grow up and change the world if they're nurtured properly and supported along the way.

Zoe has her own campaign website, ZoeForPresident.net, where you can donate to her campaign, watch her videos and shop for Zoe merchandise. Donations actually go to you local Y and support the programs and services that help kids like Zoe thrive.

"While Zoe for President is a breath of fresh air during a heated campaign cycle, every child, regardless of background, needs support and guidance to reach their full potential," Kevin Washington, president and CEO of YMCA of the USA, said in a statement. "Our campaign will address actual issues that America's communities are faced with each day like access to early childhood education, safe space, meal assistance, and the Y's role in solving the challenges head on."

Zoe for President is the second phase of Droga5's "For a better us" campaign for the Y, which we wrote about here. TV spots will air on networks including CNN, HLN, TNT and TBS. Digital work will run on The New York Times, YouTube, Twitter and elsewhere.

Of course, Zoe isn't the only presidential candidate that Droga5 is working for. The agency has also been crafting ads during this cycle for Hillary Clinton.

Client: The Y
Campaign: Zoe for President
Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Brady
Creative Director: Casey Rand
Creative Director: Karen Land Short
Junior Copywriter: Gabe Sherman
Junior Art Director: Gage Young
Associate Design Director: Cynthia Ratsabouth
Designer: Jen Lally
Designer: Kathryn Berlinsky
Experience Designer: Hiye Shin
Junior Designer: Hena Seo
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies
Senior Producer: Jennifer McKenzie
Associate Broadcast Producer: Jenna Alchin
Associate Broadcast Producer: Jamil McGinnis
Head of Interactive Production: Niklas Lindstrom
Director of Technology: Andy Prondak
Executive Interactive Producer: Jenn Mann
Senior Technology Lead: Joachim Do
QA Engineer: Yadira Isaac
Lead Developer: Jim Alexander
Head of Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Junior Art Producer: Nichole Katsikas
Associate Media Producer: Bethany Lyons
Junior Print Producer: Rose Mahan
Photographer: Paul McGeiver
Associate Photographer: Robert Ohman
Head of Print Services: Rob Lugo
Creative Studio Coordinator: Virginia Vargas
Retouching Studio Manager: Michelle Leedy
Retouching Coordinator: Michael Mockler
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Head of Strategy: Chet Gulland
Strategy Director: Elaine Purcell
Head of Data Strategy: Andrew Tully
Senior Data Strategist: Eric Raicovich
Senior Data Strategist: Brad Mumbrue
Group Account Director: Matt Ahumada
Account Director: Amanda Chandler
Account Manager: Sara Fletcher
Project Manager: Rayna Lucier
Client: The Y
President / CEO: Kevin Washington
EVP, Chief Strategy / Advancement Officer: Kate Coleman
VP, Marketing Communications: Donna Bembenek
Senior Director External Relations: Ryu Mizuno
Production Company: Community Films
Director: Matt Smukler
Executive Producer: Carl Swan
Executive Producer: Lizzie Schwartz
Head of Production: Chris Spanos
Producer: Nick Shandra
Editorial: Beast NY
Editor: Jim Ulbrich
Post Producer: Sheena Wagaman
Post Producer: Melati Pohan
Post Production: Gryphyn
Flame Artist: Scott Bravo
Color: Company 3
Colorist: Damien Pelphrey
Producer: Katie Andrews
Music Score: A Score
Stars Stripes: C Joshua Johnson
Victory Starts Here: Robert Casal
Sound: Sonic Union
Mixer: Fernando Ascani
Development: BausCode

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