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Unwrapped Condoms Spell Out the Headlines on These STD Awareness Ads


Back in September, Get Checked Omaha created a zombie-themed TV ad in response to news that the city has exceptionally high STD rates. In Douglas County, infection rates are 30 to 50 percent higher than the national average. 

Apparently that's still an issue, because they've just come up with a new series of outdoor and social ads ... with headlines spelled out in unwrapped (and, thankfully, unused!) condoms.

The collaboration between the Women's Fund of Omaha and Serve Media displays words like "Love," "Passion" and "Share," followed by taglines. The ads drive users to getcheckedomaha.com, which lists where teens and young adults can find free condoms and stop giving each other gnarly sex diseases.

Omaha's public image doesn't need this weighing it down, ya know? 

The image composition and design are intended to encourage sharing on social media, but it's hard to say how effective this will be. "Oh, look—a cool thing on Instagram" isn't really a statement that promises a long shelf life, especially now that thousands of advertisers are scrambling for that ad space.

But who knows? Maybe Omaha's teenagers, thus inspired, will start making their own photogenic words out of condoms ... and discover what else they're good for. 

Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
CD/Art Director: Kelsey Barnowsky
CD/Copywriter: Mike Holicek
Typographer: Whitney Anderson
Photographer/Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Multimedia Designer: Charlie Marsh
Developers: Fred Ziegler + Genevieve Schweitzer
Social Media: Courtney Kronschnabel + Alex Boeder
Production: Rob Birdsall + Stacey Soden
Account Executives: Heidi Halperin + Matt Larson

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