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Ad of the Day: Heineken Found the Perfect Victim for This Hilarious Soccer Prank


Yeah, pranks are a bit passé. But a good one is still plenty entertaining, and this Heineken stunt from Publicis Italy is worth it—because the victim, who awesomely thinks he's the one being secretive, is so amusing to watch.

The setup is simple: Simone, a huge soccer fan, usually watches UEFA Champions League games with his buddies at home. But suddenly he finds himself in possession of a single ticket to the A.S. Roma-Real Madrid match on Feb. 17.

What should he do? Take the ticket and enjoy the game in person, or stick to tradition and watch at home with his three friends? For Heineken, this is "The Dilemma."

Unlike some stunts, this one just feels real. And the guy's reactions are very funny.

"With thousands of people watching, the whole thing was orchestrated around an entirely unaware guy," one of the Publicis creatives tell us. "One take at Olympic Stadium right before the Roma vs. Real Madrid match, no chance to make the second attempt—and not a single actor, all for real."

The victim was a good sport about it in the end, even letting the brand share his personal Facebook page as extra proof of the ad's authenticity.

Client: Heineken
Marketing Director: Floris Cobelens
Group Brand Manager: Cristina Gusmini
Brand Manager: Marta Grassi

Agency: Publicis
Executive Creative Director, Western Europe, CEO: Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director, Italy: Cristiana Boccassini
Executive Creative Directors, Milan: Luca Cinquepalmi, Marco Venturelli
Associate Creative Directors: Bruno Vohwinkel, Aureliano Fontana, Polina Zabrodskaya
Art Director: Laura Aondio
Copywriter: Francesca Vitello
Strategic Planner Department: Bela Zieman James Moore
Account Department: Lorenza Montorfano, Giada Salerno, Maria Elena Gaglianese
Executive Producer: Silvia Cattaneo

Production Company: Bedeschi Film
Director: Giovanni Fantoni Modena
Director of Photography: Amilcare Canali
Executive Producer: Federico Salvi

Music: Universal "Fan for Life," Universal "Creative State of Mind"

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