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A Girl Who Lost a Leg to Cancer Finds Hope in This Lovely, Touching Ad


The week's almost over. Have you wept at your desk yet? If not, have a gander at this powerful animated short for Scarlett Contra El Cancer, made by New York City animation company The Studio—with music by Hook+Line.

Clocking in at nearly three minutes, the short stars a sad little girl who is recovering from a cancer-related amputation, and ends up overcoming her despondence through ballet. With lovely artwork (especially the background), smart pacing and a song that challenges Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA commercials for Most Emotionally Torturous, this ad says a lot about adversity, struggle, grit, and ultimately, kindness.

That last element is the most important, since it ties into Scarlett Contra El Cancer's mission to help children with cancer in the U.S. and Latin America. Part of this mission involves empowering children through media representations they understand, and this project knocked it out of the park.

Production: The Studio
Director: Alison Abitbol
Executive Producer: Mary Nittolo
Producer: Jenna Gabriel
Creative Director: Mary Nittolo
Art Direction: Alison Abitbol, John Holmes, Juan Mont
Early Concept Development: Mike Ocasio, John Holmes
Narrative: Paolo Cogliati, Alison Abitbol
Modeling: Juan Mont
Animation Red and Blue World: Juan Mont, Adam Rozanski, Victor DeRespinis
Character Animation and Compositing: Juan Mont, Hee Jin Kim, Mike Sime, Ozan Basaldi, Jackie Garbuio, Eric Kilanski, Adam Rozanski, Victor DiRespinis
Matte Paintings: Alison Abitbol
Rigging: Malcolm Carrott
Lighting: Mirelle Underwood
Editing: Jackie Garbuio, Malcolm Carrott, Adam Rozanski
Character Development: Alison Abitbol, Mike Ocasio, John Holmes, Adrian Mateescu, Juan
Music: Hook+Line
Songwriter/Vocalist/Producer: Abby Diamond
Co-writer/Producer/Mix Engineer: Kyle Patrick
Violin: Bryan Senti
Cello: Yoed Nir
Mastering Engineer: Joe LaPorta
Special Thanks: Grace Ramirez, Antonio Navas, Solange Rivero, and of course Scarlett

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