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Ad of the Day: TBWA Helps to Train Medical Students … Using Origami, Sushi and Insects


In Japan, TBWA isn't just making ads. It's coming up with new—and quite peculiar—ways to identify medical students who have the dexterity to make brilliant surgeons.

Kurashiki Central Hospital, a large hospital in the western Japan, partnered with TBWA\Hakuhoda Japan to create what it's calling a "disruptive recruitment process" to test the precision dexterity of students—with tests involving origami cranes, sushi and insects.

Check out video of the "Surgeon Tryouts" below. 

TBWA says conventional medical schools in Japan focus too heavily on book knowledge and not enough on hands-on surgical practice. Kurashiki Central Hospital brought the agency in to change that. All of the "Surgeon Tryouts" were done against the clock, adding extra pressure to the physical challenge.

"In daily clinical practice, physicians constantly confront difficult challenges," said Dr. Toshio Fukuoka, director of the Human Resource Development Center at Kurashiki Central Hospital. "We would like to evaluate the capability of medical students to stay calm and make correct judgments even under these circumstances. We planned this tryout to reveal the potential and uniqueness of the students, which ordinary written exams and interviews could not show."

Client: Kurashiki Central Hospital
Project Name: Surgeon Tryouts
Creative Agency: TBWA\Hakuhodo Japan
Production Company: Tyo Monster, dot by dot
Executive Creative Director: Kazoo Sato
Associate Creative Director: Takeshi Ogasahara
Art Director: Yuki Tokuno
Copywriter: Takeshi Ogasahara
Designer: Hyewon Choi
Creative Technologist: Masashi Matsukura
PR planner: Takahiro Miura 
Director: Kazuma Kitada
Director of Photography: Yoshitaka Murakami
Editor: Yoshitaka Honda, Dai Haga
Production Company: Tyo Monster
Production Company Head Producer: Kentaro Kinoshita
Production Manager: Kanako Uchiyama, Takeshi Omori
Cameraman: Kazuki Ohata, Taisuke Kumagai
Assistant Cameraman: Kenta Saito
Lightman: Shinihi Miyaki, Yusuke Honda
Digital Imaging Technician: Shinya Nagao
Production Designer: enzo, Mitsuizumi
Stylist: Naoki Yamada
Web producer: Kenichi Seki
Web designer: Taichi Ito
Programmer: Koki Ibukuro

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