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This Dishwashing Liquid Says One Drop Does the Job, So It Made Single-Drop Bottles


A little dab'll do ya. 

Of Pril dishwashing liquid, that is, which has claimed for years that it can get any job done, no matter how greasy, with a single drop. And these are no empty claims: In 2008, the brand—distributed by German parent company Henkel—went so far as to get an independent laboratory to verify its selling point after India's ad watchdog issued a complaint accompanied, we assume, by a dismissive snort.

In a new campaign for Middle East markets, the brand reiterates the single-drop claim by showing off a packaging miracle—the single-drop bottle. 

Here is the anthem spot, created by TBWA\RAAD in Dubai: 

Subsequent spots heighten the drama while reinforcing just how adorably small this bottle really is by comparing it to other, normal-sized kitchen items.

This tiny bottle still casts a big shadow in the market.

TBWA says Pril's competitors have begun making their own single-drop claims, so Pril felt the need to reassert the brand statement in a way that "customers can actually feel with their own hands."

And yes, it's produced at least some bottles. (Production on a mass scale would seem to be silly, not to mention environmentally unwise.) According to TBWA, shoppers can currently sample The One Drop Bottle in participating supermarkets. Please contact AdFreak if you have video proof of this—you might have to use a magnifying glass, because we all know about the weakness of the iPhone's zoom options. 

Client: Pril Arabia
Agency: TBWA\RAAD Dubai
Title: "Pril One-Drop Bottle"
Chief Creative Officer: Walid Kanaan
Creative Director: Manuel Bordé, Joelle Zgheib
Copywriter: Guilherme Grossi
Art Director: Gabriel Gama
jr Art Director: Dany Njeim
Head of Accounts: Joe Laham
Account Lead: Ola Ibrahim
Account Executive: Ruba Moadad
Head of Production: Rouba Asmar

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