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A Man Rides His Favorite Number Into the Sunset in This California Lottery Ad


David&Goliath's new ad for the California Lottery focuses on a man who's quirkily obsessed with the number five—including waking up at 5:55 a.m., living at 555 5th Street, and basically designing as many interactions as he can around this number. 

Follow his serendipitous adventures here:

The end of the ad reveals that the penta-fixation stems from five having been his winning lottery number years earlier. (We're pretty sure he squeezed all the luck from it already, so him clinging to it is a little wonky, but whatever, the ad's still fun.)

Filmmaker team Christian & Patrick made this spot, and do Park Pictures proud in so doing. Like a lot of contemporary ads, it looks and feels more like the opening sequence of a movie than an ad for something. What sets it apart from other such ads is how gracefully it transitions into the commercial part, without any stilted changes in tone. 

We do wonder how much money our scruffy protagonist won in the lottery, though. (The game offers "up to $555,555 in prizes.") He doesn't seem to have a job, but he still lives in a bachelor apartment, so clearly California's housing prices are even crazier than we thought. 


Client: California Lottery
Chief Consumer Marketing, Advertising: John Koyama
Senior Advertising Manager: Elizabeth Wills
Marketing Specialist: Linda Barton MacDonald
Title: "Forever Five" :60
Agency: David&Goliath
Founder, Chairman: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Bobby Pearce
Creative Director/Art Director: Philipp Dietz, Basil Cowieson
Creative Director/Copywriter: James Cohen, Greg Buri
Director of Broadcast Production: Paul Albanese
Senior Broadcast Producer: Katie Lambrecht
Group Account Director: Stacia Parseghian
Management Supervisor: Dominique Branham
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Brown
Assistant Account Executive: Ellen Lovov
Director of Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro
Business Affairs Manager: Camara Price
Associate Business Affairs Manager: Travis Kohler
Creative Manager: C.J. Stockton
Project Manager: Mike Antonellis
Hispanic Agency: Casanova Pendrill
Group Account Director: Melanie Cyr
Account Supervisor: Maritza Rodriguez
Senior Broadcast Producer: Eleana Meazzo
Production Company: Park Pictures
Directors: Christian & Patrick
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Justin Pollock
Head of Production: Anne Bobroff
Producer: Valerie Romer
Editorial: Spinach LLC
Editor: Katie Turinski
Assistant Editor: Zaldy Lopez
Editorial Producer: Jonathan Carpio
Visual Effects: Method Studios
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Robert Owens
Lead Flame Artist: Emily Irvine
Music: Ring the Alarm
Music Producer: Jenny Hollowell

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