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The Fish at This Grocery Store Are So Fresh, They're Still Rattling Around in Their Boxes


Nothing says fresh fish quite like the anguished death spasms they exhibit upon being caught, which Y&R Poland recently simulated in amusing fashion for a grocery-store prank.

The agency, working with creative lab Jack the Maker and production company Raymond, created "The Live Fish Pack," which looks like a fish in a box—but behaves like a fresh catch by jumping around now and then. As a fun added touch, the boxes were connected by wifi to a proximity sensor, allowing them to sense when shoppers were approaching—and start shaking and jumping accordingly.

Check out video of the prank here: 

To spread the slightly macabre fun beyond the immediate shoppers, Y&R broadcast the prank on a website, where people could see the store in real time and activate the three "live packs"—dorada, mackerel and tilapia—to prank the shoppers.

Client: Mila
Agency: Y&R Poland
Executive Creative Director: Luis Tauffer
EVP, Global Director of Creative Operations: Paul Schulman
Copywriter: Luis Tauffer
Art Director: Tomaz Wozniak
Art Director: Piotr Jakubowski
Copywriter: Michal Konert
Account Manager: Paula Gurgul
Managing Partner/Y&R Mobile: Romek Lubczynski
Web Developer: Adam Karpowicz
Managing Partner/Labstore: Grzegorz Sierzputowski
CEO: Michał Kazimierczak
Chief Creative Officer/Y&R Europe: Jaime Mandelbaum 

Creative Lab: Jack the Maker
Technological development

Production Company: Raymond
Head of Production: Piotr Owsianka
Agency Producer: Agnieszka Fatek / Jan Deluga / Michał Zamencki
Print Producer: Rafal Pawela
DTP: Darek Kurnikowski
Video Director: Piotr Janowski
DOP: Lukasz Gutt, Sebastian Kniza
Set designer: Paulina Szpila
Photographer: Katarzyna Hryciow /Jacek Kolodziejski/ Anna Loskiewicz
Video Editor: Ziemowit Jaworski/ Stephan Stefanski/ Jan Taras
Video Production: Mniam TV
Post Production: Badi Badi

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