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Stella Artois' Special Cans for the Cannes Film Festival Are a Story in Themselves


For this year's Cannes Film Festival, BBDO created four limited-edition beer-can designs for Stella Artois. But instead of promoting the brand's values in a traditional way—flashier takes on the logo and the like—the series of cans tell a comic book-style story that takes place on the legendary Croisette. 

"Story is what Stella Artois stands for," says Denis Keleberdenko, creative group head at BBDO Kiev in Ukraine. "And traditionally Stella Artois supports the Cannes Film Festival, so we show a story that happens in Cannes, in four parts, for each can. There's accidents, unexpected twists, a chase, drama, a beautiful woman, a kiss at the end and even a helicopter! It's almost a film on cans, actually." 

The case study provides Film Festival ambiance and explains the cans in more detail. Each story is told in French, and is filled with clues that will encourage deep, beer-lit examination of their containers. 

The cans also feature URLs for various Ukrainian websites, which plunge you deeper into the story's universe and provide a kind of bizarre access to the mysterious machinations of the glamorous rich. (Use your Google Translate option to see the sites in English.) 

One of the sites, VIPsecurity.com.ua, gives you the option to hire strongmen whose knowledge set can include "English," "French" or "abuse" (decidedly a language all its own). 

Each site drives people to the Stella Artois Ukraine website, where you could win Film Festival tickets (already claimed, sorry) and, after a painstaking submission process, watch a video. 

We never got that far, because that form was horrid. But we did find the video, which you can check out below, assuming you read Ukrainian better than we do. 

Lastly, here's a full go-around of the packshots:

Client: Stella Artois
Agency: BBDO Ukraine Kiev
Creative Director ­ Anze Jereb
Head of design studio ­ Martynas Birskys
Creative Group Head ­ Denis Keleberdenko
Art Director ­ Mike Petrusiak
Copywriter ­ Julia Kolesnik
Designer ­ Mariya Teterina
Illustrator ­ Olga Bandura

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