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This Unskippable PSA Illustrates How Getting Stoned Affects a Driver's Reaction Time


Concerns about "drugged driving" have prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation and Amélie Company to create an ad campaign, "Dangerous Combinations," about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. 

A quick look at this data makes clear why there's a need for this kind of campaign. Drugged driving incidents have increased since Colorado decriminalized weed in 2012. 

The first ad, "Can't Skip This," uses one of those ubiquitous "Skip Ad" buttons to demonstrate how weed slows your reaction time. The ad's central conceit kinda games the system a bit, but we understand what they're trying to say. 

The second ad, "Rollover," shows a car getting rolled (and crushed) into a joint. People who watch this stoned will probably think it's hilarious.

Currently, NORML and AAA disagree on the extent to which weed impairs driving ability, but we think CDOT's doing the right thing by making people aware of potential risks. That said, they're being a tad hysterical at this stage. Pump the brakes a little bit, guys. 


Agency: Amélie Company
Creative Director: Pat Feehery
Art Director: Chelsea Anderson
Copywriter: Rachel Edwards
Retoucher: Scott Klingsoehr

Producer: Ryan Adams
Production Company: Transistor Studios

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