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This Do-It-Yourself Store's Ads Scoff at Those of Us Who No Longer Work With Our Hands


When my son was about 5, and was asked what he thought I did for work, he replied: "Pushing letters." That was pretty painfully accurate—and describes so many modern middle-class jobs, where working with your hands is a thing of the past. 

Jung von Matt/Limmat taps into the nostalgia for good, honest work in these amusing ads for OBI, Switzerland's biggest do-it-yourself store. 

The print and poster ads use actual job descriptions found in online listings to shed light on the absurdity of many modern careers, and urge the reader to start using his or her hands again—at least away from the office. 

Check out the ads here:

"Clearly, what these people do for a living is highly complex, theoretical—and in a way absurd," the agency says. "In a time of consulting and incomprehensible job descriptions, it's evident: We should all use our hands again."

Client: OBI Switzerland
Erwin Maienfisch, Director Marketing, Sales and Expansion
Vildan Gürsoy, Supervisor Creative & Media
Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat
Alexander Jaggy, Executive Creative Director
Pablo Schencke, Creative Director
David Hanselmann, Art Director
Johannes Raggio, Copywriter
Simone Jehle and Fiona Gottwald, Consultants

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