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These Ads Show Beautiful Views of Connecticut, but It's Not a Tourism Campaign


Don't you just love a room with a view?

Connecticut's licensed realtors are betting you do in this soft-sell pitch that subtly promotes their services, but plays more like an upscale tourism campaign. Crafted by ad shop Sleek Machine, the commercials employ a distinctive visual device that kicks in about halfway through each spot.

First off, beachcombers can wade into the soft sand and gentle surf of Westbrook: 

Or if sun-kissed pastoral scenes are more your thing, this next ad, shot on a farm in Pomfret, could grow on you:

"In a sense, it is a tourism campaign—with a twist," agency creative chief Tim Cawley tells AdFreak. "The kind of views you'd normally see in a typical tourism spot are actually available for purchase, and your own private enjoyment, in the beautiful state of Connecticut. And professional realtors can help make that dream a reality." 

Lastly, those craving a vibrant urban setting might enjoy, well, New York or Paris, frankly—but in the ol' Nutmeg State, Hartford's probably your best bet: 

"All of the spots are all in-camera," says Cawley, "with no compositing, VFX or other tricks on the post side. We used a Steadicam to start at—or outside—the window, and pulled back to reveal each view was coming from a bedroom, living room, patio, etc." 

Real estate advertising has been a hot property all year, with marketers trying varied tactics to lure prospective home buyers. Efforts range from Zillow's earnest depictions of the deeper meaning of "home" to Elizabeth Banks' kooky/creepy dream invasions for Realtor.com.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Realtors staged a silly faux physical-challenge game show, then pivoted to a cheeky Modern Family tie-in. And who could forget the Canadian real estate agent with laser beams shooting out of her eyes? (If you see her strolling along the beach at sunset, shut the window!)

Connecticut realtors eschew such gimmicks and never over-conceptualize. Instead of glitzy set pieces, weird humor or detailed explanations about why one should seek out Realtors with a capital R, the group elegantly frames its message to focus on location, location, location, putting viewers in the picture.

"We also extended the campaign into a series of backlit mall posters, so it looks like the sunlight is coming through the window," Cawley says. "The windows in the posters are life-size, so the effect is almost as if you're experiencing the view as you would in an actual home."

Check those posters out below: 

Client: Connecticut Realtors
Agency: Sleek Machine
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cawley
Art Director: Alan Duda
Copywriter: Jeff Marois
Producer: Ben Ouellette
DP/Editor: Dave Shaw

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