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What Were Chester Cheetah and Burger King's King Hinting at During Those NFL Ads?


Anyone who watched an NFL game on Sunday saw a short teaser commercial about 100 times where Cheetos spokescat Chester Cheetah and Burger King mascot the King were seen sitting together at a BK restaurant, all exciting about … something.

That something wasn't made clear, although the King did put a handful of Chicken Fries on the table, hinting at the possibility of a forthcoming Cheetos Chicken Fries menu item, to go along with the Burger King Mac n' Cheetos introduced over the summer.

And indeed, the hint was so obvious that it's turned out to be true. Check out the spot below, which will air during tonight's Monday Night Football telecast.

For some reason, Chester and the King are still being mealy-mouthed about the product announcement. But the 15-second spot confirms the new limited-time Cheetos Chicken Fries snack.

This spot is the first-ever TV spot produced by digital shop Code and Theory. 


Client: Burger King
Head of Marketing: Ricardo Azevedo
Head of Media, Advertising and Communications: Adam Gagliardo
Media: Diego Suarez
Integrated Marketing: Dylan Stopper
Advertising: Cristina Hoffmann
Advertising: Ada Yeung

Agency: Code and Theory
Partner: Steve Baer
Partner, Director of Client Services: Dotty Giordano
Group Creative Director: Brad Dixon
Associate Creative Director: Mike Latshaw
Senior Copywriter: Conor Champley
Senior Art Director: Jeremy Stein
Art Director: Daniel Nosonowitz
Visual Designer: Chris Szeto
Jr Visual Designer: Riley Walker
Associate Strategy Director: Kelly Meyers
Community Manager: Hallie Martin
Group Account Director: Jill Bernstein
Executive Producer/Content: Jeremy Fox
Content Producer: Blake Jones 
Senior Producer: Remya Rajagopalan

Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Director: Fred Rowson
Edit House: Cosmo Street
Animation: We Fly Coach
Sound: Heard City

Partner Production Agency: David
Head of Global Production - Veronica Beach
Associate Producer - Marina Rodrigues
Group Account Director - Michelle Cobas
Account Supervisor - Diandra Garcia

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