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Hyundai Drivers Do the Most Asinine Things for Football in Brand's New NFL Ads


Hyundai drivers are weird, weird people who do weird, weird things because of football, according to Innocean USA's amusing new ads for the NFL sponsor.

In "Choices," a Pittsburgh Steelers fan has to clean up baby mess in his Hyundai Santa Fe. But what if he misses a crucial play while deciding whether or not to wipe up the vomit with his Terrible Towel? Thanks to his car's 8-inch Touch Screen with Sirius XM recording feature, he won't miss anything. As for the vomit, well, you can see for yourself.

OK, so maybe the cause-and-effect isn't super clear in this ad, and as a Ravens fan I'm required to hate it, but I see what they were going for. Still, if that towel's actually been to a Steelers game, it's had grosser stuff smeared on it there than anything a child could produce.

The second spot, "Fishing Trip," poses another dilemma. A Miami Dolphins fan might miss the game because he has to take his in-laws out for the afternoon. Of course, a silly, 1980s-sitcom problem requires an equally boneheaded solution, and our hero obliges (with help from his Elantra's Proximity Key Entry with Push Button Start) just so he can sit at home and watch the Dolphins lose for 17 weeks straight.

Is it a mistake to connect the Hyundai with two instances of terrible judgment? Probably. But since they're shackled to professional football, they're used to it by now.

Client: Hyundai
Chief Marketing Officer: Dean Evans
Director, Brand Marketing Communications: Paul Imhoff
Senior Group Manager, Brand Marketing & Advertising: Monique Kumpis
Agency: Innocean USA
CCO: Eric Springer
Group Creative Director: Barney Goldberg
Associate Creative Director, Art:  Jose Eslinger
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Carissa Levine
VP, Group Account Director: Marisstella Marinkovic
Account Director: Bryan DiBiagio
Account Supervisor: Jene Crandall
Account Executive: Alison O'Neill
Director of Product Information: Brian Bittker
Product Information Specialist: Lawrence Chow
Senior VP, Planning and Research: Frank Striefler
VP, Planning Director: Kathleen Kindle
VP, Media Planning: Ben Gogley
Media Director: James Zayti
VP, Director of Integrated Production: Victoria Guenier
EP/ Content Production: Nicolette Spencer
Content Producer: Melissa Moore
Business Affairs Director: Ann Davis
Assoc. Business Affairs Director: Lisa Nichols
Broadcast Traffic Supervisor: Theresa Artaserse
Broadcast Traffic Manager: Valerie Neibel
Project Management Supervisor: Darin Schnitzer
Production Company:  O-Positive
Director: David Shane
DP: Ottar Gunnerson
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Producer: Ken Licita
Product Manager: Sameet Patadia

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