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Ad of the Day: Tituss Burgess of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Gets Feisty for Downy


Comic actor Tituss Burgess invades the laundry room in Grey's latest work for Downy, which promises "a fresh too feisty to quit."

Frankly, we don't want our clothes getting too feisty. Especially the boxers.

Burgess, best known for his Emmy-nominated turn as the irrepressible roommate on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, dons a mauve bow-tie and slammin' turquoise jacket on Downy's behalf, announcing that he plans to "pop a cap of mmm-fresh in that washer."

Mmm-aybe he's referring to the brand's Unstopables In-Wash Scent Boosters. We sincerely hope so. Watch this ad to find out for sure:

"He plays his characters with such a fresh and feisty spirit that when it came time to cast the star of this campaign, he was a natural choice," says Trevor Thrun, associate brand director of North American fabric care at Downy parent Procter & Gamble. "His freshness and feistiness are long-lasting, just like our Unstopables In-Wash Scent Boosters."

Thanks, good too know.

By casting Burgess, Downy seeks to repeat its success from a few years back, when Amy Sedaris starred in ads for the brand. Burgess embodies a similar "feisty, funny personality and also happens to have a huge cult following," says Grey associate creative director Katie Jensen.

For those who can't enough of his oh-so-feisty stuff—and really, who can?—here's a longer cut of that "Boosters" ad:

"Tituss was free to add a lot of his own improvisations to the work," says Jensen. "He added the entire section of what we'll call 'Downy Hamlet.' "

At one point, she recalls, the actor ad-libbed the line "To stop, or Unstop. That is the Downy," and the director, Cameron Harris of Townhouse, immediately called for a retake and dramatic spotlight effect to bring the silly soliloquy to life.

Advertiser: P&G/Unstopables
Agency:  Grey New York
Chief Creative Officer, Grey New York: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Director, Grey New York: Lisa Topol
Executive Creative Director, Grey New York: Derek Barnes
ACD/Art Director, Grey New York: Katie Jensen
ACD/Copywriter, Grey New York: Ani Munoz
Strategy Director, Grey New York: Justine Feron
Strategist, Grey New York: Toni Dawkins
EVP/Global Account Director, Grey New York: Caroline Winterton
SVP/Global Account Director, Grey New York: Stephanie O'Donnell
VP/Account Director, Grey New York: Kelly Norris
Account Executive, Grey New York: David Slifer
Assistant Account Executive, Grey New York, Alana Goldstein

Production Company: Townhouse
Townhouse President: Bennett McCarroll
Townhouse Head of Integrated Production: James McPherson
Townhouse Exec. Integrated Producer: Stacy Towle
Townhouse VP Integrated Producer: Angela Ong
Townhouse Music Producer:  David Lapinsky
Production Company: Gravy Films
Executive Producer: Brent Stroller
Director: Cameron Harris
Director of Photography: German Lammers
Foreign Production Company: StoryWeProduce
Editor : Lindsey Houston, Townhouse Studios 
Music/Sound Design: Audio Network & Extreme Reach
Principal Talent: Tituss Burgess, Carolina Bolina

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