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Ad of the Day: Tinder Is Now on Apple TV, and Your Living Room Will Never Be the Same


Running out of shows to binge-watch with your fam? Here's entertainment that literally never ends.

Today in "How to make your holidays even weirder than they're going to be already," Tinder has released a series of digital videos (made in-house) promoting its Apple TV integration. Beginning now, you can download the dating app onto your platform and use Apple's remote to swipe left (for a pass) and right (for a possible hookup) ... right from the comfort of your couch.

Broadcasting the app from your TV also means Tinder stops being such a solitary activity. Anybody can weigh in—or join in—on your swipes. Including Grandma.

Below, a mother gives her son a hand, using a classic method for conveying information—the subtle cough-it-out.

But some things can't be shared with just a word and some hacks. Here, Mom gives her daughter more elaborate advice: Swipe right on a guy with great hair and full, thick volume. 

"He'll look like that forever," she decides. Meanwhile, Dad passes through in the background, self-consciously rubbing his growing bald spot. 

"For decades, the TV has been successfully ruling the living room and uniting family and friends, and we wanted to find a creative way for Tinder to be a part of that," says Tinder CMO Ferrell McDonald. "From a Friday night of swiping with your friends, to Mom ogling your next Saturday night date, we wanted to showcase the many humorous, fun situations users will find themselves in when swiping on their Apple TV." 

Speaking of fun situations, the same daughter from the previous ad wanders into the living room in another spot—to find Grandma perched in front of the dating app. "Nana, is that my account?" she asks.

"Nope," Nana answers.

In case you're thinking, Hey, there's no old people on Tinder, don't worry. That gets addressed, too. Who says there's an expiration date for cougaring?

Dad also gets a chance to add his two cents while eavesdropping on his daughter and her friend, who listlessly swipe left until they arrive at a guy with "a bad-boy thing going." 

Finally, in a more classic scenario, the son and two friends go at it alone ... only to find themselves arguing over the word "right." (They're not the only ones. We'll never hear the Army's marching cadence the same way, ever again.) 

Tinder sees its Apple TV integration as a handy way to avoid the "no phones at the dinner table" rule while giving modern dating a sprinkle of old-school matchmaking. Because clearly we were missing the opinions of Mom and Dad in our increasingly complex dating landscape.

But the brand sees this as a win for all involved, brandishing a position so cheerfully upbeat that we wonder how arranged marriage went out of style in the first place. "Let's face it," Tinder writes in its press release. "The people who know you best have traditionally had a high rate of success when helping you pick a partner." 

Our family's standards for a good partner can be pretty neatly summed up in two characteristics: "Have a job" and "No divorced parents." If we'd left it up to them, we'd have been married a long time ago ... most likely to a second cousin, "to keep the money in the bloodline." (Also, there is no money.)

But in the event that you share Tinder's optimism and are raring to invite your relatives on this madcap journey through your burgeoning sexuality, below are instructions for swiping on Apple TV, which are so frighteningly simple that even your uncle—the one who still sends you chain letters—can get the hang of it.

Happy holidays. Hope you've saved for a dowry. 

More executions below. 

Client/Agency: Tinder
CMO: Ferrell McDonald
ECD: Kevin Butler
Edit: Exile
Editor: Nate Gross
Producer: Michael Miller
Executive Producer: CL Weaver
Director: Casey Storm
Directory Of Photography: James Wall
Executive Producer: Scott Kaplan
Producer: Jed Herold

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