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No One Cares About Your Stupid Ad Awards, Especially Not Your Kids


Ha, ha, dumb advertising people, no one in his or her right mind cares about your lame industry awards! Ad agency John St. does a great job of communicating that message in these awesomely acted, self-deprecating, sad-funny promos for Canada's Cassie Awards, honoring campaign effectiveness, which were doled out a few weeks back in Toronto. OK, like the campaign says, maybe clients care (at least until they fire you without so much as a phone call and you have to learn about it from the trade press). Absolutely no one outside the business, however, gives a flying fig. And yet the Cassie winners here are oblivious to that as they hilariously (and pathetically) clutch their awards and babble on about what the prizes mean to them. In the best of three spots, a traffic cop asks a woman who can't find her license and registration to step out of the car. She smiles inanely (insanely?) and replies, "With my Cassie Award?" which she proceeds to wave in the officer's face after he orders her to "keep your hands where I can see them." Come to think of it, I write about ad awards all the time. What does that say about the choices I've made? Does anybody care?! I'll think more about that after I polish off these mini-bottles of airline booze I keep in my bottom drawer. Via Adverve.

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