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The 50 Most Read AdFreak Stories of 2016


As we wind down for the holidays, we're looking back at the stories that were most popular among Adweek.com readers over the course of the year. Here are the 50 most read AdFreak stories of 2016: 

50. Heathrow Airport's Christmas Ad With Two Old Teddy Bears Makes Britain Feel Happy Again
49. W+K's New Ads for Equinox Show Wild Visions of What Your 2016 Should Look Like
48. Guys Bribe Their Girlfriends to Watch Soccer Alone in Heineken Ad With an Awesome Twist
47. Tecate Will Ambush Tonight's Debate With This Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a 'Beer Wall'
46. KFC Just Made Edible 'Finger Lickin' Good' Nail Polish That, Yeah, Tastes Like Chicken
45. College Acceptance Letters Get Seriously Dark, Beginning With One in the Harvard Crimson
44. Wes Anderson's New H&M Christmas Ad, With Adrien Brody, Is Totally Stylish and Delightful
43. P&G Raises the Stakes in Its Latest, Darkly Brilliant 'Thank You, Mom' Masterpiece
42. This Animator Made 30 Excellent GIFs Celebrating His 30 Days in New York City
41. Verizon's Old Pitchman, Paul Marcarelli, Switches to Sprint in Delicious Bit of Backstabbing

40. Watch the Voiceover Recording for an Ice Cream Ad Go Horrendously, Comically Wrong
39. Ikea Finally Agrees to Collaborate With Kanye West, but Not the Way He Wanted
38. McDonald's Billboard Gives Ridiculously Lengthy Directions to a Burger King Drive-Thru
37. This Guy Posed as a Donut Delivery Man to Get Into Agencies and Try to Land a Job
36. Here's What's Behind the Mysterious Oreo Door That Popped Up in NYC Today
35. Brands Post Tributes to Prince, but Struggle to Make Them Heartfelt and Not Promotional
34. This Emoji Billboard for Deadpool Is So Stupid, It's Genius
33. How JetBlue Achieved the Impossible: Getting Passengers to Love It When Babies Cry
32. YouTube Music's Latest Ad Campaign Is an Infectious Ode to the Diversity of Music Lovers
31. Here Are 25 Sweet, Simple Ads From Coca-Cola's Big New 'Taste the Feeling' Campaign

30. See the Nivea Campaign That John Hegarty Called the Stupidest Thing He's Ever Seen
29. Heineken Just Made an HR Campaign That's as Cool as Any Consumer Ads It's Done
28. Introducing the Handys, the Award Show for Advertising's Biggest Wankers
27. This Agency's New Website Is a Huge, Hilarious Parody of Terrible Agency Websites
26. Patriotic People Are Shocked to Learn Where They Really Came From in This Viral Ad
25. McCann Created an Escort Service That Had a Macabre Surprise for Anyone Who Tried It
24. The Writers of Idiocracy Aren't Doing Those Anti-Trump Ads Anymore
23. Ikea Renamed Products After Frequently Googled Problems That Those Products Solve
22. If You Run Fast Enough Past This Reebok Ad, It Unlocks a Free Pair of Sneakers
21. Michael Phelps Returns for One Last Swim in Under Armour's Haunting New Ad

20. Audi Made One Hell of an Entertaining Ad for Tonight's Debate That Everyone Will Love
19. Art Director Totally Nails the Humor and Heartbreak of Millennial Life in Ads for Her Book
18. Adobe's Cheeky New Clothing Line Celebrates Some of the Worst Stock Photos Ever
17. See What a 14-Hour Flight Is Like in the Insane Luxury of a $21,000 Emirates Airplane Seat
16. H&M's Stunning New Ad Subverts What You Think a Lady Should Look or Act Like
15. Did This Missouri Democrat Just Make the Best Campaign Ad of the 2016 Election?
14. Chevy's 'Little Red Corvette' Tribute to Prince Is So Good, It's Running in Print Too
13. 'We All Need the D,' Says Ad Campaign That Obviously Doesn't Know What 'the D' Means
12. Agencies on Canal Street Are Waging a Post-it-Note War, and It's Awesome
11. Hamburger Helper Dropped an Entire Rap Album for April Fools', and It's Shockingly Good

10. Temptations Made a Collar That Finally Gives Your Cat a Human Voice, So It Can Talk to You
9. If You're Sick and Tired of Hipstery 'Maker' Culture, Watch This Hilarious Video Now
8. This Photographer Takes Fun Portraits of People After One, Two and Three Glasses of Wine
7. Burger King Had a Pretty Good Comeback to That Big, Insulting McDonald's Billboard
6. Snickers Just Put the Most Epic Photoshop Fail on the Back of SI's Swimsuit Issue
5. Spotify Crunches User Data in Fun Ways for This New Global Outdoor Ad Campaign
4. Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success
3. Here's the Lovely Salute to the Cubs That Nike Aired After the Final Out of the World Series
2. Can You Figure Out the Mystery Inside This Remarkable Ad About High School Love?
1. How This Poster in a Women's Restroom at a Bar Cleverly Combats Sexual Assault

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