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New York Lottery Winner Walks Rescue Dogs in McCann's Goofy, Goodhearted Pitch


Winning the lottery doesn't just mean you can live that gaudy and gilded lifestyle you've always wanted. It means you'll finally have time for all that super-important charity work you've been missing. Like running through the park with a gaggle of ridiculous dogs.

A new ad for the New York Lottery from McCann New York offers a slow-motion look at an afternoon in the life of a fictional man who is free to volunteer with rescue animals—thanks to the $1,000-a-day prize of the Cash4Life game.

It's a relatively fresh angle for a lottery ad, when compared to marketing clichés about being able to afford absurd extravagances—like, say, hiring Cyndi Lauper for a private house concert (a New York Lottery campaign from a few years back, under a previous agency).

But McCann and director Derek Cianfrance of Radical Media haven't abandoned the carefree humor that's also a defining characteristic of the genre, and usually helps to gloss over the seedier realities of long-shot gambling apparatus—even if the promised reward, in this case, is illustrated in spiritual rather than material terms.

It's also consistent with the pseudo-moralistic posturing of McCann's earlier work for the brand, which cleverly skewered the absurd habits—dead bat collecting, fine wine bathing—of fantastical wealthy eccentrics, under the tagline "You'd make a better rich person." Here, that argument is implicit.

"I'd spend more time volunteering," reads a quote from a Brooklynite answering what he'd do if he won—ostensibly the inspiration for the entire scene. But the spot is almost too careful not to frame doing good as a chore. Instead, it's clearly still about self-gratification—because never having to work again is a lighthearted affair, and not many people are rolling the dice so they can fantasize about the freedom to lead a life defined by quiet, saintly self-sacrifice. (Joining a monastery would be a surer bet.)

Then again, Spain proved last year that lottery ads can be heartfelt, too—so long as they're shameless enough.

Client: New York Lottery

Agency: McCann NY
North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver
Co-Chief Creative Officers: Sean Bryan & Tom Murphy
Executive Creative Director: Mat Bisher
Executive Creative Director: Dan Donovan
Creative Director: Geoff Bentz
Creative Director: Nic Howell
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
Senior Producer: Chance Bassett
Executive Integrated Music Producer: Eric Johnson
Music Producer: Dan Gross
Executive Account Director: Scot Beck
Account Director: Caroline Fuller
Account Executive: Alesy Iturrey
Executive Strategy Director: Mike Medeiros
Strategy Director: Laura Frank

Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Derek Cianfrance
Radical Media Executive Producer: Gregg Carlesimo
Line Producer: Alex Orlovsky
DP: Bob Yeoman

Editorial Company - MackCut
Editor: Ian Mackenzie
Post Producer: Gina Pagano
Colorist: Tom Poole
Special Effects Company: Schmidigital

"Give Back For Life" – Future Perfect
"Have Fun For Life" – Nylon

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