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The Week's 10 Most Digitally Engaging Ads


Electronic communication is the name of the game in the latest weekly chart of the most digitally engaging commercials, according to TV ad-attention analytics company iSpot.tv.

Five of the top 10 ads are smartphone-related, with each company taking a different approach to showcasing its products. Apple claims two spots, including first place with an ad that shows off the photography capabilities of the iPhone 7. T-Mobile has a squirm-inducing spot at No. 4 that touts the end of surprise fees and taxes with a plan that includes everything (in the ad, parents find the hidden "fees" in their children's hair—playing off the idea of fleas or lice).

AT&T cleverly shows off its streaming capabilities with a man on the go who is continually immersed in the different worlds of popular TV shows. And Verizon's eighth place commercial lets customers know that even though the holidays are over, there's still time to get good deals on phones and plans.

Once again, humor helps commercials jump into the chart: Geico's second-place ad features a man run amuck with a razor in a barber shop. The brand also takes No. 6 with a playful spot where a sumo wrestler impresses the judges with his figure skating routine. 

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice
powered by iSpot.tv

1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus TV Spot, "Take Mine" Song by Bezos' Hawaiian Orchestra
34.18 percent digital SOV;  2,114,869 online views; 48,408 social actions

2. Geico TV Spot, "Tiki's Barber Shop: It's Not Surprising" Featuring Tiki Barber
26.80 percent digital SOV; 3,857,561 online views; 9,563 social actions

3. Amazon Prime TV Spot, "Old Friends" Song by Ludovico Einaudi
7.12 percent digital SOV; 33,322 online views; 15,276 social actions

4. T-Mobile One TV Spot, "Daughter"
5.12 percent digital SOV; 7,097 online views; 11,061 social actions

5. Madden NFL 17 TV Spot, "Karaoke" Featuring Antonio Brown
3.65 percent digital SOV; 52,091 online views; 7,366 social actions

6. Geico TV Spot, "Sumo Wrestler Figure Skating"
1.31 percent digital SOV; 37,187 online views; 2,013 social actions

7. AT&T TV Spot, "Everywhere"
1.28 percent digital SOV; 62,119 online views; 1,842 social actions

8. Verizon TV Spot, "Get Verizon's Best Smartphones for $10 Per Month"
1.17 percent digital SOV; 58,943 online views; 1,829 social actions

9. Apple iPhone 7 TV Spot, "Romeo and Juliet"
0.98 percent digital SOV; 33,849 online views; 1,620 social actions

10. Target TV Spot, "Well Chosen" Song by Lizzo and Caroline Smith
0.85 percent digital SOV; 1,223 online views; 1,809 social actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

Attention analytics company iSpot.tv tracks TV ads in real time across more than 10 million smart TVs, and measures digital response to TV ads across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo! Click here for more on iSpot.tv's methodology.


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