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Ad of the Day: Pearle Vision's Touching New Ad Stars a Boy and His Very Special Glasses


Eyewear might not be the first category that comes to mind when one thinks of emotionally powerful advertising.

But a new spot for Pearle Vision by Energy BBDO gets to the very heart of the matter with the touching tale of Ben, a boy who has a very unique relationship with an aging pair of misfit glasses that make the small tasks in his life that much more challenging. 

Energy BBDO has worked on the brand since 2013. This campaign marks a return to the classic tagline, "Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle," which hasn't appeared in Pearle's marketing efforts for more than 20 years. 

In case you missed the twist, the glasses belonged to Ben's late grandfather. And the lenses provided by Pearle in the end were, in fact, blank. 

Ben doesn't have a vision problem at all. He was simply struggling to deal with the passing of his beloved grandpa. As one can see from the vision expert's knowing expression, the service she provided was much more of an emotional salve than a medical necessity. 

"When we talk about Pearle, it is very much in the context of genuine eye care," says Pearle Vision chief marketing officer Doug Zarkin. "Not only state-of-art diagnostics but caring for the people behind the eyes." 

Zarkin describes this campaign as an illustration of what his company's employees do for customers every day. "Our doctor actually goes the extra mile and puts in the blank lens so the child is none the wiser," he says. "The easy way out would be simply popping out the lenses, but in realizing how important they are, she is partnering with the parents to make the child feel better about himself."

In research conducted by client and agency over the past three years, Pearle found trust was an important component of its relationships with customers. "An emotionally led journey generated through a series of small moments [earns that] trust, which leads to loyalty, retention and growth," Zarkin says. "Not everyone who comes to Pearle Vision has a vision acuity issue; that's where most people stop and we start." 

Zarkin tells Adweek that "Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle" is more of a "customer-friendly articulation" than a tagline, adding that it helps to spur memories of what he hopes to be "a generational offering" for customers. 

He also describes Energy BBDO as an extension of his internal marketing department and says the two will expand on the "Small Moments" campaign moving forward. 

The full version of "Ben's Glasses" will launch via social channels next week, with a 30-second cut to begin airing on TV in February. 

Client: Pearle Vision
Spot: "Ben's Glasses"
Agency: Energy BBDO
Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez
Associate Creative Directors: Michele Brandel, Alejandro Juli & Agustin Ballerio
Senior Art Director: Jesus Diaz
Senior Producer: Danielle Keenan
Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers
Managing Director: Jeff Adkins
Account Director: Tiffany Alexander
Account Supervisor: Layne Steele Paddon
Planning Director: Shannon Mehner
Production Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Bruce St. Clair
Founder/Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne
Executive Producer: Michel Waxman
Head of Production: Monica Relmold
Producer: Paul Ure
Director of Photography: Ottar Guonason
Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Matthew Wood
Assistant Editor: Allison Marach
Producer: Dawn Guzowski
Visual Effects: Carbon VFX
Flame Artist: Matt Bregger & Devon Taylor
GFX Animator: Jake Matthew
Producer: Kate Soczka & Casey Swircz
Audio: Another Country
Sound Engineer: Peter Erazmus
Producer: Louise Ryder
Music: "Weather"
Artist: Novo Amor
Album: Woodgate, NY
Voice Talent: Lia Mortenson

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