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Ad of the Day: Valspar


Choosing a paint color is a pretty big commitment. If you paint a room in a color you hate, you'll either have to paint the whole thing over again, shell out for someone else to repaint it, or resign yourself to living with a horrific shade of mustard yellow that looked so much better on the paint chip.

Valspar is trying to take some of the anxiety out of the color-commitment process with its new "Love Your Color Guarantee," which allows anyone who doesn't love their Valspar paint to get another color gratis. (Unfortunately, the guarantee doesn't include a crew of painters.)

To prove how painless the process is, Draftfcb created this spot starring a pair of talking chameleons—Jon and Val, in case you were wondering—who are struggling to choose their own paint color for their living room. (You didn't know that chameleons live in houses? Duh.) Because Jon and Val are chameleons, they can easily shift to match any of the colors on the vibrant Valspar paint chips they're considering—unlike their living room, Jon points out, which will be stuck with whatever color they decide on. But Val knows about the "Love Your Color" guarantee, which means that if she decides to go with a hideous shade of purple, she can change her mind later. Problem solved!

There's just one more nagging issue: How the hell do two chameleons paint a living room?

Client: Valspar
Vice President, Director of Marketing: John Anton
Director of Brand Marketing: Paula Shikany

Agency: Draftfcb, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
Group Creative Director: Gigi Carroll
Creative Director, Writer: Drew Donatelle
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Myra Mazzei
Group Management Director: Scot Havrilla
Account Management Director: Rebeca Bechily

Production Company: The Mill
Directors: Ben Smith, Yann Mabille
Executive Producer: Ian Bearce
Producer: R. Stephan Mohammed

Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Jonathan Rippon

Postproduction, Visual Effects Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Visual Effects Producers: Zu Alkadiri, Heath Raymond, Dee Allen
2-D Lead Artist: Tomas Wall
3-D Lead Artist: Christian Nielsen
2-D Artist: Erin Nash
3-D Artists: Joshua Merck, Laurent Makowski, Laurent Giaume, Timothy Kim, Alex Allain, Zang Chen, Justin Diamond, Hassan Taimur, Paul Liaw, John Wilson, Jeffrey Lee, Han Hu, Christina Ku
Motion Graphics: Tetsuro Mise
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen

Character Designers: Tim Haldeen, Bryce Wymer

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