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Ad of the Day: Orangina


Four out of five doctors agree that advertisers loves statistics, because consumers tend to believe them, even when they're meaningless. Now, Orangina's latest campaign from Fred & Farid presents the most ludicrous ad stats yet. And they bring excellent news to the long-running campaign's creepy anthropomorphic animals.

Two spots, "Cannon Ball" and "Pigeon," present exceedingly peculiar scenarios. In the former, a human cannon ball is shot clear through a circus tent and across miles of hilly terrain. Eventually, he crashes into an office building, where he takes out a bullying boss—leaving the man's Orangina-animal underlings speechless. A statistic then appears on screen: "Orangina drinkers attacked by the human cannon ball: 0%." It might not be a product benefit you'll use very often, but at least you know it's there when you need it.

Likewise, "Pigeon" features an obnoxious woman arguing on a cell phone who soon gets her come-uppance—in the form of a truly voluminous amount of pigeon shit falling on her head. "Orangina drinkers attacked by the wicked pigeon: 0%," says the reassuring copy.

The tagline on both spots is: "Stay alive, drink Orangina." Print ads support the TV work.

Client: Orangina
Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris and Shanghai
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Fred & Farid, Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rolando Cordova
Art Directors: Rolando Cordova, Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Brand Supervisors: Hugues Pietrini, Stan de Parcevaux, Florence Burtin
Agency Supervisors: Mehdi Benali, Hélène Camus, Olivia Courbon
TV Producer: Karim Naceur
Post-Producer: Elise Dutartre
Production Company: The Glue Society
Director: Gary Freedman

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