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Three's Company in Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola's New Prada Short Film


From flatulence to fancy perfume, I've had a fragrant week at AdFreak. Prada has commissioned a short film by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola to tout its Candy L'Eau scent. Two guys star with Lea Seydoux, who made an impression a few years back by bouncing off walls, rolling on floors and flashing her panties in a Prada commercial. For now, the client is teasing the new effort via 12-second previews—see three of them below—that follow the fabulously coiffed and smartly attired trio to the cinema, a surprise birthday party and a beauty salon. "How much longer can we possibly all be so happy together?" Seydoux asks while enjoying a mani-pedi treatment. The three-way relationship in Truffaut's Jules and Jim was an inspiration, though the slightly muted, dreamy images here play more like Anderson's own style with dashes of Fellini and David Lynch (at their most playful and benign). The trailers work fine as mini-films, and the super-short format seems perfect for Prada or any high-end fragrance purveyor—providing slightly surreal, sweet suggestions of story line and leaving no time for the hyper-stylization to sour or the stench of pretentious commerce to creep in. For more Wes "Branderson," check out our collection of the director's top 10 commercials.

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