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Ads for indie film festivals are often quite brilliant. The movies are usually distinctive, so the advertising can be as well. Who can forget Geoffrey Rush as a potato peeler? Or John Malkovich getting all crabby at a cab driver's reaction to his latest film award. The Leo Burnett spot below for Portugal's IndieLisboa fits right into that great tradition. Screw Hollywood. Say yes to an indie movie instead.

Client: IndieLisboa
Product: 10th International Independent Film Festival
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Lisbon
Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani
Copywriter: Steve Colmar / Pedro Pinho
Art Director: Thiago Cruz / Leonardo Pinheiro
Illustration: Bruna Guerreiro / Silvia Rodrigues / Sara Louise Tucker / Mariana, a miserável / Fabio Santos / Douglas Cardoso
Account Director: Tiago Reis
Social Media: Vasco Mendonça / Joana Duarte
Production Director - Agency: Cristina Almeida
Production Company: Stopline
Executive Producer: Francisco Saalfeld
Financial Controller: Nuno Fonte
Line Producer: Inês Marques
Director: Pedro Varela
Creative Assistant Director: Nuno Noivo
Cinematography: Ricardo Prates
Post-production Supervisor: Ricardo Montez
Post-production Company: Illusion
Audio Post-production: Dizplay
Sound designer: João Rola
Voice Over: Marcantónio del Carlo
Original Soundtrack: Xavier Capellas
Additional Footage: VMI/Corbis

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