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Grey Crafts Hard-Hitting Ads for Gun Control Across Two Different Campaigns


A guy named Ed stalks past the glum cubicles of a nondescript office suite, raises his gun and fires a single shot at a middle-aged managerial type, narrowly missing his target. He then begins the laborious process of cleaning and reloading his musket-style weapon—the type of firearm widely used when the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified—giving everyone in the room time to flee. The chilling spot, from States United to Prevent Gun Violence and Grey New York, closes with the lines: "Guns have changed. Shouldn't our gun laws?"

Moms Demand Action and Grey Toronto take a simpler approach with "How Many More Rounds?" That clip shows shells ejecting in slow motion as an assault weapon is fired, with each casing representing a high-profile shooting: Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine. As the tragedies pile up, the ad asks, "How many more rounds are we going to let this go for?" The same client-agency team also crafted print ads (posted after the jump) that show two kids standing or sitting side by side, each holding a different item, one of which has been banned by federal or local authorities to protect youngsters. The banned items include a version of Little Red Riding Hood, Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and dodge balls. In each case, the contrasting item is an assault-style AK-15 rifle.

All three efforts are restrained and thoughtful, and each makes a point in a memorable way without seeming gratuitous. That the cause inspires impassioned and noteworthy creative work is no surprise. It's just a shame this particular ad category has to exist at all.

CREDITS (top spot)
Client: States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Spot: "Ed—A Petition for Stronger Gun Laws"
Agency: Grey, New York
President, Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Executive Creative Directors: Steve Krauss, Ari Halper
Creative Director, Art Director: Eric Schutte
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Rob Carducci
Copywriter: Richard Bullock
Creative Reputation Manager: Rachel West
Vice President, Account Director: Elizabeth Gilchrist
Assistant Account Executive: Cassie Novick
Executive Vice President, Director of Broadcast Production: Bennett McCarroll
Producer: Floyd Russ
Associate Producer: Sam Howard
Production Company: Harvest
Director: Adam Goldstein
Executive Producers: Bonnie Goldfarb, Rob Sexton
Line Producer: Francie Moore
Director of Photography: Roman Jakobi
Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Assistant Editor: Ryan Steele
Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld
Visual Effects: Method Studios
Lead Flame Artist: Jay Hawkins
Matte Painter: Stella Ampatci
Visual Effects Producer: Jenn Dewey
Sound Design: Vision Post
Sound Designer: Ryan Hobler
Producer: Lindsay Brzowski
Music: G&E Music

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