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LG Monitors Are So Lifelike, They'll Stop You From Urinating Properly


LG is making a splash with bathroom humor in its latest piece of prankvertising. Marketing shop SuperHeroes installed ultra-wide LG IPS 21:9 monitors at eye level above urinals in a men's room at Amsterdam's World Fashion Centre. When guys showed up to use the facilities, the screens sprang to life with crisp images of sexy female models, who appeared to be appraising the men's … plumbing. The images were so lifelike, as seen in the hidden-camera footage, that most guys got stage fright—with many suffering a delay before they could urinate, and 25 percent failing to pee altogether.

"The film was shot … with actual visitors of the centre," SuperHeroes creative director Rogier Vijverberg tells AdFreak. "We spent a full day in the adjacent toilet filming the reactions of unsuspecting men. As a backup, we'd hired a handful of extras. Nobody knew they were filmed beforehand, not even the extras."

The video is on track to top 1 million YouTube views in little more than two days. And though invasive, this prank seems more playful and less upsetting than some other recent ones, including the last hair-raising SuperHeroes-LG collaboration—the one with the monitors lining the elevator floor. The guys at the urinals seem mildy miffed, but those elevator riders were truly shafted.

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