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California Winery's Ads Pair the Product With Sex, Drugs and More Sex


Intemperance comes in many flavors, and SLO Down Wines has pairings for all of them. The California winemaker has rolled out three irreverent ads (from Harvest Films director Baker Smith and Arcade Edit's Paul Martinez and Dean Miyahira) about how well its Sexual Chocolate wine goes with group sex, horse role playing and bong rips, respectively. There's some light parody of insufferable wine-chat ("It's the deep red of a … really red thing"), but they don't spend too much time dwelling on it, and I'm glad they committed to the weird direction these ads went in. Well, except for the part where I saw Brandon Allen in a thong. I may need a glass of wine to throw in my eyes after that. Credits below.

Client: SLO Down Wines
Campaign: Goes Great With 

Spots: "Threesomes," "Equestrianism," "Horticulture"

Production Company: Harvest Films
Director: Baker Smith
Executive Producer: Bonnie Goldfarb
Head of Production: Niko Whelan
Producer: Leslie Owen 

Editorial Company: Arcade Edit
Editors: Paul Martinez and Dean Miyahira
Managing Partner/EP: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram

Online: Airship Post 

Music: Critical Mass
Composer: H. Scott Salinas
Sound Design/Mix: Tobias Enhus

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