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Streaking Baby Flaunts Pixelated Privates for Seventh Generation Diapers


Seventh Generation tips a hat to its hippy heritage with this new streaking-themed spot for its chemical-free diapers. Lest you get uppity about naked babies, don't worry. The trick of the spot, by ad agency Made, is that this cute little streaking tot—who, despite the pink shoes, is impressively androgynous—is actually wearing a Seventh Generation diaper. They just pixelated the privates to vaguely shock you. (You see, wearing Seventh Generation diapers is, toxins-wise, apparently like wearing nothing at all.) Add in some booty-shaking to booty-shaking music, and you get an winning result. Of course, really dedicated hippy moms go with cloth diapers, ditching disposables altogether. But surely there's a market niche in between the two extremes, for when you want to do a little good for the Earth. Do a little more by tweeting your story with #toxinfreegen, and Seventh Generation will donate $1 in your name to Women's Voices for the Earth.

Client: Seventh Generation

Agency: Made Movement
Chief Creative Officer/Partner: Dave Schiff
Chief Design Officer/Partner: John Kieselhorst
Chief Digital Officer/Partner: Scott Prindle
Chief Strategy Officer: Graham Furlong
Art Director: Stephanie Sullivan
Writers: Dan Ligon, David Satterfield
Consulting Head of Integrated Production: Chris Kyriakos
Junior Integrated Producer: Isaac Karsen
Business Affairs: Jennifer DeCastro
Senior Account Producer: Rachael Donaldson

Production Company: The Academy
Director: Austin Wilson
Executive Producers: Harry Calbom, Nate Barr
Line Producer: Craig Stevens
Director of Photography: Christian Hansen
Editorial Company: NO6, Santa Monica, Calif.
Editor: Kyle Whitmore
Executive Producer (Editorial Co): Crissy DeSimone
Producer: Leslie Tabor

Visual Effects Company: NO6, Santa Monica, Calif.
Lead Flame: Verdi Sevenhuysen
Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
Visual Effects Producer: Leslie Tabor
Telecine: Verdi Sevenhuysen
Music Company & City: Beacon Street Studios, Venice, CA
Composer/Lyricist: Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau
Audio Finishing: Lime Studios
Audio Engineer: Sam Casas

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