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Tony Scott's Final Commercial, for BBDO and Diet Mountain Dew


Tony Scott, who committed suicide on Sunday at age 68, directed hundreds of ads—many of them award winners—through RSA Films, his and brother Ridley's commercial production company. Here's his final spot, via BBDO for Diet Mountain Dew, released earlier this month. It features Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban trying to tempt a diehard Diet Dew fan with untold riches if he'll just give him the last bottle at a convenience store. Features a classic Scott image of a speedboat ripping through the water. RIP, Tony. See a bunch more of his ads, including some classics, over at the RSA website. Credits after the jump.

Client: Diet Mountain Dew
Agency: BBDO
Producer: Chris Lenz
Copywriter: Christopher Cannon
Art Director: Eduardo Petersen

Production Company: RSA Films
Director: Tony Scott
Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth

Editorial: Skip Film
Editor: Skip Chaison

Visual Effects, Postproduction: Smoke & Mirrors
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Broughton
Flame Artists: Brian Benson, Sam Caine
Junior Flame Artist: Ross Vincent
Flame Assistant: Dan Bowhers
Head of Production: Amy Selwocki

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