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Mercedes-Benz's Official Service Song Is Weird, Cheesy, Suggestive and Embarrassing


The horribly cheesy corporate song is something of a tradition. The classic example is Bank of America's cover of U2's "One," with the lyrics updated to celebrate BofA's merger with MBNA. We've seen it in the agency world, too—for example, the Ogilvy Athens tribute in song to David Ogilvy, and SapientNitro's wretched "Idea Engineers" music video.

Here's a new mortifying entry: the Mercedes-Benz Service Song. It's sung from the point of view of a Mercedes car that's desperately craving a little TLC from a Mercedes repairman who knows how to use his hands. The lyrics begin: "I like them to be strong, that they can catch me when I skid/Like them to turn me on, I thought that some of them did/But just as I needed a helping hand, so many men were 'out of service,' not like you … You only give your best, won't stop until I smile." These prurient declarations, sung (by Patricia Meeden) like this is the '80s, are paired with the most clichéd, over-Photoshopped images they could apparently produce.

It may be the most downmarket thing this luxury brand has ever produced. I give it a week before it's gone from YouTube. Extended version after the jump. Via The Denver Egotist.

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