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First TV Commercial for Monopoly's New Cat Game Piece Is Somewhat Anti-Cat


Your cat loves board games, just not the same way you do. Your beloved feline wants to scatter all the pieces and then park her furry bum in the middle of the action, regardless of your intention to flirt with your Mystery Date or figure out if Miss Scarlett really did it in the library with a candlestick. Hasbro gets it. For its iconic Monopoly game, the toy giant crowdsourced a new player piece earlier this year to replace the long-maligned iron. Not surprisingly, the cat won, joining the race car, battleship, thimble, top hat, shoe and Scottie dog. Finally, pet parity! For the debut of this new token, Hasbro is launching the ad below, showing us why the sleek little silver version is a much better choice than the real thing for family fun night.

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