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Ad of the Day: Troubled Folks Look on the Bright Side in Geico's Loony New Spots


I just want to point out that these (largely excellent) new ads from Geico point up something that many critics have observed about advertising and media in general: The suburban housewives checking out the giant are surprisingly put-together and attractive, while the scuba divers inside the whale are surprisingly schlubby. Or rather, they're to be admired for their confidence in themselves. To quote somebody or other, "Men and women will never be equal until a fat, bald woman can walk through Times Square wearing nothing but sweatpants and know that she is beautiful."

Also, y'all know that whales have internal organs, right? Livers, kidneys, lungs, the works.

Geico has pretty good comedy creative across the board (thank God the gecko is nowhere to be found in these ads), but does anyone else think there's probably a funnier punch line for these spots than "I just saved 15 percent on my car insurance?" It seems like the brand's insistence on its service/tagline staying focal is maybe not the best thing for the creative. Not that this should just be a 30-second joke with no branding, but perhaps there actually are more creative ways to illustrate the joys of being insured.

Anyway, if there are, The Martin Agency seems like a prime candidate to provide them. These are funny spots, lame punch line or no lame punch line, especially the whale one—the gent floating in on the kayak at the end is priceless. In all of them but the giant spot, too, the proclamation of the silver lining—in the form of cheap insurance—kind of begs the question. Yes, but why is that good? You'll never see your car again, guys who are in the belly of a whale/spaceship/girl who probably won't be driving anytime soon.

The bad-magician spot is a lot of fun as well, especially since he actually seems to have uncontrollable superpowers, rather than butterfingers.

Casting, as always, is key here—the Close Encounters guys have a great buddy-comedy thing going, and the women sipping their coffee while looking out at the giant are smilingly oblivious in a very funny Stepford Wives kind of way.

Good job, Geico. Maybe now it's time for a new tagline.

Client: Geico
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

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