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Google Tells Another Inspiring Story, but Is It Taking Too Much Credit for Human Curiosity?


Google isn't just a technology company. It's a facilitator of dreams.

That is, at least, according to much of the search giant's advertising, stretching back to spots like "Parisian Love" and "Dear Sophie." Those classics tackled fairly universal, big-picture milestones like getting married and having children. This new ad from 72andSunny in Amsterdam (and Backyard director Greg Kohs) gets way more esoteric, focusing on the story of Laurent Aigon.

A French airplane enthusiast, Aigon drew international attention this year for an impressive pet project: replicating the interior of a Boeing 737 cockpit in his son's bedroom, as part of a functioning flight simulator. Apparently, Google was instrumental in helping him along the way, from leading him to the online forum that inspired him to helping him locate the components and piece them together.

As marketing goes, it's smart—a powerful story that illustrates how the company's products aren't just practical tools but can actually make users happy. On some level, though, it also just proves that it's good to be Google: When a company's reason for being is to connect people to all the information in the world, it can eventually start to claim credit for just about anything.

Via Design Taxi.

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