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Dodge Travels to the Year 3000 for Advice on High-Tech Cars


Dodge might not actually be able to travel a thousand years into the future to harness the best technology for its cars, as it pretends to do in this new Dart spot from Wieden + Kennedy. But it is able to achieve something that's somewhat magical in its own right—making a 30-second commercial feel like a :60. A handful of ad campaigns every year find a fresh structure that helps the message really stand out—DirecTV is one this year, and this Dart campaign is another. You would think the rapid-fire visuals and hurried voiceover might be off-putting in a TV landscape that's already busy enough. But the whole thing is witty and playful enough to be consistently entertaining. Plus, it's good to see, in the brief glimpse we are given into the future, that Chuck Norris wasn't right about his thousand years of darkness. (Of course, that could mean Romney wins, which you may or may not find comforting.) See the previous :90, plus full credits for the new spot, after the jump.

Client: Dodge
Spot: "How To Make the Most Hi-Tech Car"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen / Joe Staples / Michael Tabtabai
Copywriter: Matt Rivitz / Justine Armour /Jared Elms
Art Director: Tyler Magnussen / Devin Gillespie
Executive Producer: Corey Bartha
Production Assistant: Kirsten Acheson
Account Team: Thomas Harvey / Lani Reichenbach / Corey Woodson
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff / Susan Hoffman
Agency Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Christopher Riggert
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Line Producer: Youree Henley
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser

Editorial Company: Joint Editorial
Editor: Kyle Valenta
Post Producer: Ryan Shanholtzer / Jennifer Giannettoni
Post Executive Producer: Patty Brebner

VFX Company: Method Studios
VFX Supervisor: Ben Walsh
Flame Artist: Claus Hansen / Cary Welton / Thomas Downs
VFX Producer: Ananda Reavis
Executive Producer: Robert Owens

Music+Sound Company: Stimmung
Sound Designer: Gus Koven
Song (if applicable): “No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z/Kanye West
Producer: Ceinwyn Clark

Mix Company: Lime Studios
Mixer: Mark Meyuhas
Producer: Jessica Locke

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