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Two Guys Make Arduous Journey to Middle of Nowhere to Give Third Guy a Molson Beer Fridge


The world-traveling Molson Beer Fridge became famous for being exclusive—when it visited European cities earlier this year, only people with a Canadian passport could open it. Now, the fridge is back, and being even nicer to one Canadian guy, with help from his friends.

This new spot, from agency Rethink, tells the tale of two friends who surprise a third friend—a rabid hockey fan who for some reason has fled Canada for the remote Gili Islands in Indonesia—by bringing him a red fridge of his own to keep in his little hut, which may or may not have the electricity to run it. The friends also bring a satellite system so the other guy catch the Olympic Games this winter.

It's a fine stunt, as far as it goes, though the surprise isn't quite as delightful as the premise of the earlier video (which was apparently the second most viewed commercial online in Canada this year). Plus, the emotion remains mostly bottled up. Unlike some other heartwarming ads, where people weep only, the fridge recipient here claims he's actually "sweating" and not in fact getting weepy over his buddies' thoughtful gesture.

A 30-second version of the ad will begin airing in Canada on Dec. 26.

Client: Molson Canadian
Title: "The Beer Fridge: Project Indonesia"

Agency: Rethink
Creative Directors: Aaron Starkman, Chris Staples, Dré Labre, Ian Grais
Art Directors: Aaron Starkman Joel Holtby, Vince Tassone, Christian Buer
Writers: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick,
Account Director: Ashley Eaton
Broadcast Producer: Dave Medlock

Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Tyler Williams
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
Line Producer: Tom Evelyn
Director of Photography: John Houtman

Postproduction: Rooster Post
Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn
Editor: Marc Langley
Assistant Editor: Nick Greaves

Postproduction: Fort York VFX
Music, Sound Design: RMW Music

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