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Here's a Perfect Illustration of How Fast 'Private' Photos Get Around


Here's a simple and clever way to show why it might be a bad idea to share that supposedly private photo.

Brazilian agency Propeg recently submitted this to Ads of the World, though it's hard to be sure if or where it actually ran. "The Internet can't keep your secret," says the ad for SaferNet Brasil. "Keep your privacy offline."

SaferNet is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting Internet crimes like identity theft and child pornography.

Some will surely argue that the ad is a form of "slut shaming" since it seems to put the onus of blame on the woman taking her own picture and not on all the dirtbags who pass it along. But the ad would work just as well with a guy sharing sausage in the mirror, and I think we can all agree it's a pretty accurate illustration of the way photos seem to get in all the wrong hands faster than you can say "duck face."

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