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24-Hour Chain Pays Local Merchants to Advertise Overnight on Their Security Gates


Delis, grocery stores, liquor marts and bakeries in Bogota, Colombia—most which close at 8 p.m.—agreed to advertise for one of their competitors, Carulla, by turning their late-night security shutters into billboards for the 24-hour supermarket chain.

The campaign from Ogilvy paid local merchants to post messages on their metal gates, including "The butcher is asleep. The one at Carulla on 85th is awake" and "In here we have everything but if you need it now, go to the Carulla on 63rd."

It reminds me a bit of that DHL stunt (which DHL insisted it didn't approve or condone) that showed competitors of the delivery service carrying large packages touting DHL. Points to Carulla for devising a non-prank concept that delivered for all concerned, with participating stores providing a little extra convenience to customers.

Credits below.

Client: Carulla
Agency: Ogilvy and Mather Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Jhon Raúl Forero
Executive Creative Director: Juan Pablo Álvarez, Mauricio Guerrero
Creative Director: Julio César Herazo, Amples Regiani
Copywritter: Julio César Herazo, José Cárdenas, Jorge Villareal
Art Director: Amples Regiani, Gabriel Escobar, Mauricio Reinoso
Graphic Designer: Maria Fernanda Ancines
Production Company: Direktor Films
Director: Felipe Suarez
Producer: Lali Giraldo

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