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Ad of the Day: Dad Has the World's Toughest Job, Too, and It's Nothing Like Mom's


For Mother's Day, American Greetings and ad agency Mullen produced one of the year's big viral advertising successes, "World's Toughest Job," in which real people interviewed for a hellish-sounding position that promised endless work and zero pay—and when they objected, they were reminded that moms do it every day.

By and large, people fell in love with the spot. (The YouTube video has more than 20 million views.) But if there was one quiet yet constant (and frankly, annoying) criticism from certain circles, it was this: What about Dad? He has a tough job, too.

Well, with Father's Day almost here, American Greetings throws dads a bone (sort of) with a "World's Toughest Job" sequel. Like the original, it uses real people. But it has quite a different tone (at least until the very end) and puts a clever spin on what "World's Toughest Job" means for fathers compared to mothers.

The basic message: There is no script for being a good dad.

The video is funny, and at times heartfelt. But while it clearly celebrates fathers, it's not entirely complimentary to them. So, will dads appreciate it, or will some feel slighted once again? Watch below, and tell us what you think.

Client: Cardstore, American Greetings
Project: World’s Toughest Job – Dad Casting
Executive Director, Marketing: Alex Ho
Vice President, Marketing: Christy Kaprosy
Agency: Mullen
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Directors: Tim Vaccarino, Dave Weist
Creative Director: Jon Ruby
Copywriter: Latasha Ewell
Art Director: Sarah Dudek
Executive Director, Integrated Production: Liza Near
Head of Broadcast: Zeke Bowman
Producer: Vera Everson
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Hank Perlman
Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne
Producer: Joshua Greenberg
Director of Photography: Eric Steelberg
Editing, Color Correction, Finishing: PS260
Editor: J.J. Lask
Assistant Editor: Colin Edelman
Senior Producer: Laura Lamb Patterson
Colorist: Michael Marciano
Audio Postproduction: Plush
Sound Design, Mixer: Rob Fielack
Music: Human

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