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Ad of the Day: Molson's Beer Fridge Comes Home and Opens If You Sing 'O Canada'


The world-traveling Molson beer fridge has finally come home to Canada.

After spending a few years gallivanting through Europe and traveling deep into Indonesia—unlocking only for people with Canadian passports—the fridge is back on Canadian soil to celebrate Canada Day on July 1.

And this time, it opens only if you sing the Canadian national anthem with at least a modicum of skill and panache.

"O Canada" is indeed a rousing ditty, and if you sing it with the right timing (even by kazoo), the fridge will open and reveal what the behind-the-scenes video refers to as "the magic inside." Neither hand gestures nor removing your cap helps, but that doesn't stop these enthusiastic Canadians from giving it their all.

Noticeably absent is a French rendition of the song, but that's OK because there's enough hilarious karaoke and sad faces over forgotten lyrics to make up for the francophone snub.

Client: Molson
Agency: Rethink

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